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Too many shades of grey by Andrew Southwood

It’s been one of the longest winters I can remember. Not the coldest, not the whitest, but the relentless damp dark cloudy days have pushed even us weather optimists to the edge. It’s not like we’ve been flooded out with torrential rain, but just a steady build up of... read more


Suffolk Trail Running Festival – 16th & 17th June 2018 Nestled in picturesque organic farmland between Bury St Edmunds and Sudbury, The Suffolk Trail Festival (TrailFest) is a unique opportunity to enjoy running in the beautiful Suffolk countryside. The... read more

Brave the Shave campaign

Rory McEniry lost a bet with friends to shave off his hair, so to make a positive out of this he decided to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Supports Brave the Shave campaign. So, on September 23rd he went to Carter’s Barbers in Bury St. Edmunds and bravely had all... read more

All Wrapped Up by Andrew Southwood

Try as you might, I’m afraid you cannot ignore it much longer. The summer, much like our popularity in Europe, is now a distant memory of brighter times. Yes, Christmas is well and truly upon us! Some of you will laugh in the face of this, smugly declaring you have... read more

New Year, New Kit

As we begin the fixture season here at Sybil Andrews Academy, the PE Department are delighted to share photos of our brand new team kits for basketball, football, netball and athletics. After a year of competing in standard uniform, we believe the sponsored kits will... read more

West Suffolk Hospitals My Wish Charity News

Our Every Heart Matters Appeal has hit its first milestone, thanks to a very kind legacy left to the charity we have reached over £100,000! Due to this generosity, we are now a fifth of the way towards our eventual target. We can’t thank our community enough for... read more

Sally Retires After 21 Years at Glasswells

Sally Blake, Catering Assistant in the Place to Eat Restaurant at Glasswells, hung up her pinny for the last time on Friday, after 21 happy years at the family-run home furnishings store in Bury St Edmunds to spend some more quality time at home with her husband and... read more

Open days…to go or not to go! by Cat Dube

Educating our children can seem like a bit of a minefield.  There are so many options out there; it is hard to know if you have made the correct decision.  As a parent myself, one thing I have learnt is that what is right for one child isn’t necessarily right for... read more

Feeling Blue by Andrew Southwood

“That’s it. I’ve had enough. I’m never coming to this place again!”… …or words to that effect. That was my reaction following my last visit to Portman Road, home of the once mighty Ipswich Town. In 30+ years I don’t think I’ve ever felt so despondent at the end... read more

BackPack-to-School by Nick Pringle

Whether your children are starting or returning back to school many parents are buying new backpacks in preparation for the new academic year. We think it’s very important to take in to consideration how your child is wearing the backpack as well as the type/style of... read more

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