Like so many people are you confused about what to eat to have the best possible health?

Considering your uniqueness, there’s a tiny chance that you would stumble upon the right diet for you.
So many diets and ways of eating are based on statistics, trends, ideas, the fact that it worked for one person and they wrote a book about it, scientific studies that leave out your individuality,

That’s the secret: your individuality.
Even the original paleo diet of our ancestors, an attractive idea, may not be the optimal diet for you.

Your personal eating plan exists.
But first consider this. What if as of now you could have complete peace of mind knowing that the food you put in your body is working like medicine to keep you healthy. The expression: “Let food be your medicine” is only true if what you eat is right for you in the light of your individuality and what makes you YOU. Otherwise it’s mostly satisfying your hunger and can even do harm. Think inflammation, allergic type reactions, digestive upsets, joint pain, lethargy, weight gain, low immunity.
Yes the wrong food can do all of this and more.
The word diet used to mean the food and drink that we habitually consume. Therefore we are all on a diet. Is your diet working for you?
I often compare the world of nutrition to a weathercock: if the wind blows in one direction you follow that trend, if it blows in the opposite direction you try out the new trend.
The inevitable contradictions that jump up like a jack in the box, create so much confusion that you just want to give up.
All these contradictions are grounded in human diversity: a certain diet may suit you because by pure chance it suits you!
But how about all those diets you tried out and that didn’t give you the results you were expecting? Where do you turn to now?
Pioneering and ongoing research confirms that your blood type is the single most important determinant in choosing which foods are right for you and which foods cause inflammation, digestive problems, or weight gain. Following your specific Blood Type diet, is the first step in developing a healthy relationship with food and eliminating any imbalances in your body that lead to weight gain.”
Your fingerprints can also tell us the state of your Gut health amongst other things. What do yours reveal about you?
Speaking from experience I have managed my own health issues having been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 10 years ago. The impacts of MS were many including fatigue and neurological symptoms. My medications whilst supporting the reduction of relapses left me with additional unwanted symptoms to be managed with yet more medications. Left thinking there must be a better way, I could not accept that I was going to feel this way for the rest of my life. I was introduced to the Blood type diet by a colleague and I felt so much better in a very short time. This led to me training at the renowned College of Naturopathic Medicine in London gaining a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy. If you are interested in learning how you can eat based on your individuality and reach your health and weight goals , why not join one of the workshops

See for yourself:

Rebecca had been battling with various eating disorders since the age of 20 and trying to find a diet that worked.

She went on a high Protein Diet that proved to be very detrimental and caused her serious health issues.

She then tried the metabolic balance diet that suited her better given that she was an A blood type.





Still having some challenges with health and keeping the weight off. There were in fact several foods which she was currently eating on a regular basis that were not good for her – including coconut oil and strawberries. Superfoods? Not for Rebecca!

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