Balanced Life was created more than 11 years ago. I began with planning workout sessions with a few of my office colleagues and I am now a Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, and Pilates Teacher.

When I started out, I thought that workouts were something you did to stay fit or lose a bit of weight, over the years my thinking has very much transformed. I once believed that your cards were set out early on, and there was little you could do to change that, but I have learnt that nothing is set in stone. Your lifestyle can very much impact your life, your longevity, the illnesses you may suffer, how you cope with them, your aches, pains, limitations, and flexibility.

At Balanced Life, the philosophy is very much about having fun and doing things you enjoy. Workout sessions are planned with the clients in mind. At outdoor bootcamps, we can do serious exercise, with some fun along the way. Recently the theme of a session was boxing which came with a food quiz that kept the brain active whilst doing the exercise. The sessions are always outdoors, ensuring even in the winter, you get a dose of fresh air in the week. Working out in the cold can really help boost immunity and fat burn and activation in the body.

Pilates sessions are relaxed and while we focus on building strength, coordination, balance and flexibility, we also work on breathing and relaxation. These tend to be inside a studio, where you are guaranteed to be dry and warmth…

Chair-based exercise is something else in the portfolio. These sessions are for people that don’t feel strong enough or able to go into a gym or other fitness class or maybe have had surgery and need to build strength and mobility before getting back to their previous exercise. We spend most of the class in a chair, with some standing exercise for those that are able. There is very much a Pilates based theme to these classes.

The one thing you don’t get with Balanced Life, is a diet plan. Everybody has different tastes, restrictions, and ways of eating and I would rather help to educate people on eating in a healthier way based on your diet, rather than my particular “fad”. What you do get is recipe options of healthier meals, suggestions on how to tweak the things you currently consume, and ways in which you can increase healthier options into your diet.

I am not about quick fixes, I like to say in my classes, “It is all about the Journey, not the Destination.” You may have a goal to work towards, I am happy to help get you there, but I want you to learn good habits for the rest of your life, not just that one occasion and have a little fun along the way.

I believe life is all about Balance, which is how I came up with the name of my business. You should be able to eat, drink, and do the things you enjoy, while balancing that with foods and lifestyle that you know are going to improve your health and keep you moving and healthier for as along as possible.

If you know me, you will often hear me talking about Sam, my Springer and the adventures we have out on our forest walks You will see me going for a quick or long dip on the sea, river or lake whenever I get a chance, all year round. Springtime is a given you will find me on a ski slope somewhere, until it is time to hit the Après and cheese!

At weekends you will often find me in the kitchen cooking or out with friends, I like nothing more than a good meal, some lovely wine and great company!

To enable to me to do all these things, I aim (although not always successfully), to workout 2-3 times a week, meditate daily and am trying to fit in a stretch/yoga session a couple of times a week. The more I do these things, the more it enables me to do the things I enjoy in life, and that is what I like to bring across through my classes and 1-1 sessions.

What people have said about my sessions:

“Coming to Pilates with Sara improves my fitness in a different way to cardio. I enjoy the calmness of the class, knowing that it’s having a positive effect on my body and my mind.”


“I joined Sara’s bootcamp not long after I finished Uni, to meet new people and improve my fitness and absolutely love it! Perfect for all abilities and great chance to get outside, have a good chat and keep fit. Even on the days where I’m just not feeling it, I finish bootcamp and feel 100% better for it! Would recommend to anyone, any age, any fitness level!”


“I was waiting for 2 hip replacements when I first met Sara and started her chair class. She kept me mobile and stopped my muscles from deteriorating. This made my recovery much easier. After my operations, Sara visited me privately to keep me exercising and help with rehabilitation. This speeded up my recovery and I resumed my classes. Sara is able to give advice on any aches and pains and give hints and exercises suited to you. I cannot emphasise enough how she has helped me over a period of 4 years.”
Mary U

If you would like more information, please contact Sara on 07807 803603 or email: