A monthly muse on all thing’s health & wellbeing with Carole Baker, Founder of the self centre.

Why do we feel the need to Detox in January?
Is it our minds or our bodies that need to be detoxified or is it a bit of both?

The festive season can be overwhelming in many ways; physically and mentally we are consuming stuff we wouldn’t normally. We subject our bodies and our minds to way more suffering as we munch our way through food that often doesn’t agree with us or benefit us and we find ourselves in situations that are emotionally stressful.

What can we do to try and bring ourselves back to a state of balance or “ease”? It is often January when we succumb to” dis-ease” – the debilitating virus or feel down in the dumps. There are many ways we can gently detox our bodies and minds to allow us to feel more “at -ease “and to rebalance our equilibrium.

As humans we are designed to be able to adapt and rebalance constantly according to our environments but maybe nowadays, we are subjecting ourselves to constant change and therefore adaptation becomes harder.

In my view January is not a time to be eating lettuce leaves, in the Winter our bodies require sustaining, warming, nurturing foods so consider home-made soups, casseroles and fresh juices or smoothies. We can do with cutting back on the sugar after the Xmas overload and that alone will make a difference. Sugar is more addictive than cocaine and is a well proven cause of many of our lifestyle dis-eases.

Even though we feel like curling up on the sofa all day in front of Netflix, we understand that movement is medicine for the body and mind. So a walk in the park, a spot of tidying in the garden a Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi or Qi Gong session will help keep the Lymph in your body moving and that is a major influential factor in keeping your immune system working effectively.

Remember your Lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump so the only way to stimulate it is by deep abdominal breathing and movement! It was Tao Porchin the 100-year-old yoga teacher who told one of our self centre teaching faculty that the answer to longevity was “simply turn the body upside down once a day”. That costs nothing!

And lastly, practice the art of self-care – gift yourself some time to do something that calms your mind and relaxes you – it could be reading, knitting, art, writing, meditation there are many ways that we can step off our mad hamster wheels and allow our bodies and minds to naturally recalibrate.

We have a fabulous range of Winter Wellness Workshops coming up at THE SELF CENTRE including Yoga Detox , Gong Baths, Digestive system reset, Immune system boosting, Pilates Beginners, Menopause and Women’s Wellness Circles – visit www.the-self-centre.co.uk/workshops/ to discover more.

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