May I introduce myself, my name is Caroline Barwick-Walters, working and living on Moreton Hall, with my own private practice situated within the Doctors surgery in the middle of the estate.

I asked myself recently, where have all those years gone? How did my children of 5 & 8 (when I initially qualified in London at the Institute of Chiropody & Podiatry School ), become adults of 29 & 32. Even more bewildering to me, is how did I recently become a very proud Grandmother too haha!

25 years in a profession where I have been privileged to have initially treated one member of a family, to eventually over the years, treated all of the family from Grandma to their grandson inclusively.

My patients come through my door of all ages with various conditions, from the common corns, callous, ingrowing toenails, diabetic patients,(that need a little bit of TLC), verrucas, biomechanical assessments, for sports injuries, to the basics of cutting nails. Over the years I have treated all kinds of various conditions.

Ageism in my profession has an attachment, that only “Old People” come to see a Chiropodist & Podiatrist. Many times, I have had young ladies and gentlemen too, who say, “ This is the sort of appointment my Grandma looks forward to”, I never thought I would be saying the same thing!

I think it is important to educate people that your feet or lower limbs are just another part of your body, that should be equally looked after, like your hair, teeth, and hearing. The government, over the years, told us to have regular check-ups at the Dentist every 6 months to keep everything in check. I have never heard of any governing body tell us to look after our feet, have you?

My profession is strictly regulated, and to keep my protected title of “Chiropodist & Podiatrist” I am registered with the HCPC organisation, that is a body that protects the patients, having the knowledge that we are educating ourselves and acquiring the 36 hours of CPD (Career Professional Development) course each year to keep our licence.

My surgery is very modern with up-to-date equipment, with a warm, light , clean/sterile feel about it, which allows the patient to feel comfortable and not too intimidated by the procedure that they are coming for.

From the initial consultation, whereby all your medical records are recorded on a computer programme, photographs taken of your feet, explaining in detail on a large screen what your condition might be, and how you have acquired pain in the first place, to sterile instruments, individually packaged for each patient dated and entered on your files, I hope that my patients feel in good hands at all times.

This is a career that I have “LOVED” and still love even after 25 years, I feel as enthusiastic today about my profession as I did in my late thirties when graduating as a Podiatrist, in London.

I hope to continue to give many more years of service to the community of Moreton Hall and the surrounding villages, so please feel free to contact me, either via phone, email, or on the internet, where you will see my website, which will give you further information about my services.