Set foundation with translucent powder to help it stay put all day.
Come 5pm your base may need a quick refresh with under-eye concealer and a sweep of mattifying power – and then you are ready to apply the finishing touches. Transform your everyday make-up into a glamorous party look – whatever your age.

Grooming brows is like an instant eyelift because it lifts the whole area – and best of all, it can be done in seconds. If you have good brows, a gel helps to strengthen and define them. For those who need more definition and reshaping, this can be achieved in a natural way. Use a fine brush to paint hair-like strokes in the gaps of your brows, following your natural brow shape.

All ages can wear bold colours, especially for the festive season. As you get older, the lipstick tones should became softer, but not necessarily a lighter colour. Using your fingers to apply your favourite red lipstick will look less harsh and will also help it stay in place for longer. Applying the same colour lightly on to the cheeks is also a great way to add a subtle and flattering glow to your skin. Applying primer before lipstick helps prevent bleeding and makes lips look fuller.

Many women are nervous about contouring as it’s easy to overdo it. As we age we need to redefine facial features and contouring can help do this. It also adds warmth to the skin. Always use powder or cream colours without shimmer. Younger skin can have a warmer shade as they suit heavier shading and colour. As you age, you don’t want your make-up to look heavy. Use a cool-coloured matte bronzer and keep it light to create the illusion of a shadow. Apply it in the hollows of the cheeks for a slimming effect. Using a primer underneath eye shadow to keep it in place.

The temptation at this time of year is to pile on glitter, but it can be ageing. Instead use a bronze and gold eye shadow to create a smokey eye.