I won’t lie, I’m a bit of a sceptic when it comes to alternative therapy and mindfulness so, when Gemma invited me to do a review of one of the meditation classes at The Self Centre, I wasn’t entirely sure I was the woman for the job!  As with most of us, I live a busy life, always running at speed from one thing to the next, chasing my tail between work, volunteer commitments, the 3-strong mini army I created whilst attempting to fit in some kind of social life!  Time to relax, take stock and re-charge my battery is very low on the list of priorities!  With the resolve to keep an open mind, I agreed and found myself heading over to the centre on Moreton Hall on a Wednesday lunchtime.  I do love visiting the Self Centre – you are always met with a friendly face and can get a good coffee and some yummy lunch or cake!
I wasn’t sure what to expect – would it involve me sitting with my legs twisted together like a young child in assembly?  Would I need to hum a mantra?  Would I be able to clear my mind of all the thoughts circulating?  What if I fell asleep? None of this would have mattered, as I was quick to discover as, generally, anything goes!!  I met Marcus who was taking the class – he is a very open individual that instantly put me at ease.  He spoke softly even in conversation – he had one of those voices that you want to bottle and bring out in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep!
On to the meditation – I had bought my own fluffy blanket but there were plenty of cushions, mats, blankets etc available…I was told to get what I needed to be comfortable and position myself any way I liked.  The class started and Marcus spoke to us in his dulcet tones throughout the entire hour class.  I must admit, I am certain I dropped off at some point!  I also can’t really describe in too much detail what exactly Marcus said to us during the class (not because it is top secret but more because it didn’t need to be retained!!)  When the class was over, I honestly felt like I had slept for an entire night!  I had to go back to work straight afterwards and, one of the Directory customers even commented on how I was ‘glowing’…even juggling a 6 child school pick up and playdate was a breeze!
In short, I am a convert!!  I am not saying you will be able to go to one class and it will change your life instantly, but, I honestly think a regular class will have a big impact on your mental health!  I for one am going to make a point of going on a Wednesday lunchtime when I can to re-charge and re-new!  I may even give another class a try as well!  Watch this space…