If you hadn’t noticed, literally everyone is going spring clean crazy at the moment. Cleaning is something most of us love to do – it’s a way of de-stressing, but when was the last time you did a spring clean of your hair routine?

Here are some tips for spring cleaning your hair regime for the glossiest locks of your life…

Scrub those brushes
When was the last time you cleaned your hairbrushes? Never? Well it’s a great thing to do.
Hair product build-up and bacteria that attaches itself to your brush can mean you’re blow-drying grease and dirt straight back into your freshly-washed hair. Pop your brushes in the sink and wash with a good cleansing shampoo.

Clean your hairdryer filter
It’s super important to clean the filter on your hairdryer; on regular dryers these are usually located at the back and can usually be twisted off and washed or brushed out; check the manufacturer’s instructions and be sure to leave it to completely dry before popping back on.
A blocked filter can shorten the lifespan of your dryer and can also lead to over-heating and damage to the hair.

Change your pillowcase
Most of us now know that there are benefits to sleeping on a silk pillowcase, it greatly reduces bed hair and breakage if you’re an irritable sleeper. If you don’t want to invest in silk, a simple change is to make sure you change your pillowcase as often as possible – grease and bacteria can transfer onto your hair leaving it greasy and dull.

Have a clear-out
Clear-out any out-of-date products and invest in some new ones best suited to your hair texture.

Try a mask and shower cap
Once a week try applying a good treatment mask whilst you’re in the shower, pop on a shower cap over the top and the heat and steam captured will make the treatment more intense. Leave on for as long as possible.

Clean out your food cupboard
Remember what you put in, you get out. The healthier we eat, generally the healthier our hair will look and feel. If you think you might be missing out on some key nutrients then try adding in a good hair supplement, this is particularly good around six months after pregnancy, stressful periods or ill health. Always check with a doctor or dietician first though.

Speak to your colourist about this spring’s pastel hues. A super light wash of Cherry Blossom pink or peachy coral can be just enough to give your skin a little warmth and if you’re not sure about all over colour go for some pastel face framing instead.

If your hair is looking dry and lack-luster try a clear gloss treatment, sometimes known as a sparkling blow dry. A gloss will still require a patch test so make sure you book this in advance of your appointment.

Now’s the BEST time to go for the chop, we’re seeing a huge trend in the salon for super cute crops, you’ll feel like a whole new you ready to take on the world in super chic crop style…

Fresh air
Look for products that refresh your hair mid-afternoon. A Volumizing Hair Mist smells like you’ve nipped out for a quick walk in the woods. It makes your hair smell great whilst reviving your blow dry and adding soft body and movement.