Hi I’m Abi and I am a mum to my gorgeous 2 year old. I have been a primary school teacher for over 4 years, and have had a long term passion for helping and inspiring children. My most enjoyable years of teaching were in year 1 where I worked hard to make sure the children were having so much fun that they forgot they were actually learning! Having my own child has reinforced my belief in the power of play and some of our most treasured memories are times when we are reading stories and books. I am so excited to share this with your amazing little people.

Let me tell you about the two different classes I run…

Tiddlers for aged sitting – 2
Each class is based around a different nursery rhyme each week. Nursery rhymes are a brilliant way in to learning our language. They teach rhythm and rhyme which often mimic the natural way we talk. They also help children to develop a sense of community as everyone around them is enjoying the same song.
We then focus on their gross and fine motor skills and how to help parents to develop these in their children, whilst understanding that all children develop at their own pace. The children then get to spend some time in a child led environment – playing and learning. The activities are based around the nursery rhyme and help them to develop many different skills.

Pre-school class for ages 2-5
A wonderful preschool class which aims to support and empower parents and caregivers in teaching their children the skills they need for reading and writing, all through PLAY!
We begin by learning a bit of phonics – but really at the beginning this is all about listening skills! Nothing too high risk, just a bit of fun. Really I see this part of the class as me giving the adults the skills and confidence to begin this at home. The children get a chance to do some fun mark making in a different material each week – so far we have used soil and sand and plan to use glitter soon (sorry!). Then – my favourite bit – we read a story linked to our theme.
Like with Tiddlers, the activities all help to immerse the children in the story and the theme. They get to choose what is interesting to them!
As well as phonics, we focus on listening skills, oral blending, fine motor control skills, expressive arts and more.

We would love to see you at a class soon! In the meantime, here are some play ideas for you to begin using at home for October. Autumn really feels like it is here so let’s help children to learn about the change of seasons.
• Go on a woodland walk and collect anything that interests the children – leaves, sticks, stones etc. Then make a woodland crown out of all their treasures.
• You could also use the things they found to paint with. Dipping a pine cone in paint and printing with it creates some interesting textures.
• Find a pile of leaves and listen to their crunch!
• Bake some gingerbread men. Give the little ones a separate bowl of taste safe ingredients to have a play. Let them feel the textures and use their senses to enjoy baking. Including tasting them!!
• Sit spot – why not find a dry, quiet place and sit quietly. It’s amazing what things you can hear when you really listen.
• Toast marshmallows
• Use watery paint, straws and black paper to create some fireworks pictures.

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