For a school named after an internationally successful artist and gifted teacher, it is unsurprising that we pride ourselves on our creative abilities.
So I am delighted to report that we have started the New Year with two fantastic art projects that give our students an incredible opportunity and insight – while promoting partnerships with the local community.

One of the projects sees us working with Smiths Row art gallery and Moyse’s Hall, and the other is with the Bury St Edmunds Art Society.
Taking the former first, all of our Year 8 students have been involved with a project around 1920s and 1930s railway posters.
Organised by Alison Plumridge, director of Smiths Row, the project is part of a lino print competition connected with the regeneration of Bury train station.
Our students studied the artists of the time for inspiration, including Sybil Andrews, and their finished work will be exhibited at Moyse’s Hall.
One overall piece will also be chosen to be turned into a panel and sited at the train station along with work from other local artists.
In terms of our partnership with Bury Art Society, we have become involved in a project entitled ‘Our View’.
The society are celebrating their Golden Jubilee and have decided to celebrate this landmark by having an artist in residence, Alfie Carpenter.
We are delighted that Alfie will spend 10 days at the school in February working with students across all our year groups to produce several pieces of art – including one showpiece that will be hung in the school hall.
All the artwork has a theme of Bury and the surrounding area and it will be exhibited, along with Alfie’s work, at a special showing on Friday 2nd March.
Both of these amazing projects give students a real-life opportunity to engage with artists, to learn from them and see what it really takes to be an artist.
There will also be a huge sense of pride and achievement when they see their work exhibited.
We would like to thank everyone involved in both projects for all their support of Sybil Andrews Academy.