We have some news on the new building works going on around the Flying Fortress. We have some outline plans for the remaining 320 dwellings and I was lucky enough to be able to pose some questions for us directly this month and pass on your concerns to Taylor Wimpey. Specifically, we spoke about the layout, traffic and parking concerns and, of course, the impact on local infrastructure. The developers are unable to directly influence these local improvements (most of that sits with the County Council, who seem to underestimate the impact the new housing will have on our transport, schools, Post Office and doctors) however they did confirm that around £6m will be invested. The £200,000 which I helped to ringfence for the community centre has already passed over.


So, the land for development was made available many, many years ago and the ship has sailed long before my time to block building. We can make the best of it, though. Some positives, if I may. The builder’s seem to have learned some lessons and the density and landscaping appears to be much better than other areas around Moreton Hall. Specifically the parking provision slightly exceeds the minimum standards, with 3 off-road spaces for 4+bedrooms. We will also see 52 allotment plots, a decent car park and provision for a local grocery store or coffee shop. I can also confirm that Greene King have committed to the redevelopment of the Flying Fortress, which will remain.

Building is expected to commence early 2020. You can give some feedback before formal plans are submitted at tw-larkgrangephases3-5@rkh.co.uk or to myself at peter.thompson@stedsbc.gov.uk or 07810 868986.

Peter Thompson, Councillor