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Make your holiday tan last longer….

Just because the sun is fading doesn’t mean your tan has to too! The warm summer months will soon be just a memory, and chilly autumn will start to set in. As depressing as it is to think summer is at an end, not all traces of your summer glory need to be lost with... read more

What to do about hair loss

Hair loss is becoming as much of a problem for women as it is for men. Some of it is normal, like grass, hair grows in cycles, but not all of it grows at the same rate. About 10% of a person’s hair is either growing or resting at any given time. During resting cycles,... read more

Runners Knee Pain by Nick Pringle

My name is Nick Pringle, I am a Graduate Sports Therapist and I have recently joined the team at Bury Osteopaths. Here I work in a multidisciplinary team of Osteopaths providing assessments, treatment and prescribed exercise programmes to a wide range of clients from... read more

Beauty: Help Your Man Care for His Skin

When it comes to male skin grooming, most of us need to give their man a little help. Here are some tips to get your husband into the good habit of caring for his skin so he can put his best face forward. Tip #1: Schedule him a facial. Trust us when we say, men LOVE... read more

Rosé Sangria Spritz

 INGREDIENTS 1 bottle rosé wine, chilled 75ml Grand Marnier 500ml fizzy water, chilled 1 nectarine, stoned and sliced 6 strawberries, hulled and quartered Ice Mix the wine, Grand Marnier and fizzy water in a jug. Divide the fruit between the glasses (either wine... read more

Do’s and Don’ts of Proper Suncare

Preventing sun damage is much more than just a cosmetic issue – protecting your skin could save your life. More and more cases of skin cancer are being diagnosed every day in the UK. Many of those cases might have been avoided, however, with proper preventive care.... read more

Moreton Hall’s Greatest Loser is a winner!

A super slimmer is proving to be a winner at the losing game after shedding 4 Stone and 13lbs and being named Moreton Hall’s Slimming World ‘Greatest Loser’ 2016.   Laura Goodwin won the title, which is awarded to the member of the Moreton Hall Saturday Slimming... read more

Spring Skin Care Regime

This the season for spring cleaning. It’s a season where we toss out the old to make room for the new. We shake off the symbolic layers of winter and get ready to bloom. You don’t have to stop with dusting and purging your house to reap the full benefits of spring... read more

Nicola Delglyn – Osteomyologist

It’s officially Spring – my favourite time of year.  Seeing the daffodils, snowdrops and bluebells spring into life and the days getting longer certainly lifts my mood and helps me to de-clutter my mind. This month’s article is all about helping to lift our mood, help... read more

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